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    Anonymous said: Do you think there is truth to the Israel = Nazi Germany analogy? I don't know how to feel about it.


    Israel is no more like Nazi Germany than any other country with land disputes and systematic oppression, which is almost all of them.  People try to play up the immorality of ethnic and religious democracies, of which there are, again, too many nations included in this criteria to list (India immediately comes to mind, and non-democratic examples include pretty much every country in MENA).  If Israel rounded up every Palestinian man, woman, and child, forced them to labor around the clock as they starved to death, performed medical experiments on their children just for fun, and killed so many a day that there weren’t enough mass graves and they had to build crematoria to burn the bodies, then yes, it would be an honest analogy.  Since this is not the reality, it takes either a belligerent ignorance of the actions of the Nazis or a belligerent ignorance of the history of the Israel-Arab conflict to make this comparison.  

    We talked about the Nazi analogy a lot in my antisemitism class.  One of the most interesting facets of the argument was that when it emerged, it did so during a time when religious (Christian) antisemitism was becoming less and less tolerated.  That is to say, in the wake of the Holocaust, it became less cool to talk about Jews as an absolute evil people in the religious sense - “Jews are the children of Satan” and “Jews are the killers of Christ,” etc.  Instead, antisemitism took a political turn.  Nazis are the greatest political evil the world has ever known.  They are a stand-in for the greatest Christian religious evil - Satan.  And what could possibly be ~edgier~ than comparing Jews to their oppressors?  Nothing.  

    People who make these comparisons know what they’re doing.  They know what kind of damage it does to Jews, how much it trivializes and distorts a genocide that had no basis in conflict.  People make these comparisons not because they are accurate, but because they hurt us.

    Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is not only comically inaccurate, but antisemitic as well.  

  4. Anonymous said: today at the bus I sat a couple of seats away facing a girl maybe aged 17 or so, and a man came and sat next to her. after a while of looking at her (which she ignored) he put his hand on her thigh. She slapped his hand away and said sharply "Don't touch me" and he got really angry and fucking grabbed her throat! She managed to kick him in the chest so that he let go and a couple of people came to help keep him away from her but holy fuck it was really scary he just reacted so quickly!! shit



    Contrary to popular male mythology, this man putting his hand on a woman’s leg (that is to say, assaulting her) was not an act beyond his control. He contemplated this act, weighed the negative outcome against the potential positive benefit, and decided his course of action should she choose to reject him.

    So he knew a possible outcome of his assault was her rejection, maybe a very vocal rejection. He knew this BEFORE he assaulted her. As a punishment to her and all female witnesses, he escalated the abuse to potentially life-threatening violence.

    These assaults are PLANNED, they are preconceived, they are plotted. HE KNEW WHAT COULD HAPPEN AND HE WAS READY TO KILL HER IF HE COULD HAVE.

    Women are never safe around men. They keep showing us. What can we do when we finally believe them?

    and people ask why women put up with harassment if they don’t want it


    haven’t we all seen, heard of, or been in this kind of situation, don’t we know what the consequences of standing up for ourselves can be

    don’t ever blame a woman for being afraid

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